For several decades Batenburg Flora has been handling an extremely wide range of field-fresh flowers of impeccable quality combined with prompt service and swift and safe delivery. See how we work in Flower Auction Holland.

Batenburg Flora strives to expand their operations in terms of choice and reaching new markets abroad.

Express delivery

We deal only in the very freshest produce and assume that our customers will settle for no less. To this end, air freight to practically eliminate the distance and time effects for even the most distant customer.
However, such speed is not obtained at the expense of other considerations. Field-fresh flowers and plants of the highest quality will be acquired, packed and transported with the greatest care at all stages-and in any desired quantity.

Quality with speed

Quality is the corner-stone of the Batenburg Flora business philosophy. Experienced, professional buyers daily scour the flower auction markets for top quality flowers and plants.
Although these auction markets are justly renowned for their quality control, Batenburg Flora standards are even higher and the customer gets a cast iron guarantee of the very best possible value for money.

Within everybody's reach

Day and night, we are no further away than your nearest 'phone or fax. But to Batenburg Flora the customer is not just a number. We believe that good individual relationships and mutual trust are instrumental in meeting the customer's most demanding requirements for the punctual delivery of well presented, top quality flowers.

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